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Egg Donation in Chicago

Egg Donation

Even with all the advances surrounding infertility treatment, patients sometimes are unable to get pregnant on their own. Egg or embryo donation gives these patients the ability to conceive using a donor’s egg or embryo. Prior to selecting a donor, you can review donor profiles on agency websites, if you would like to pursue an anonymous option. Patients also can receive donor eggs or embryos from someone that they know…

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embryo donation

Embryo Donation

Another family building option for individuals and couples is Embryo Donation. In Vitro fertilization often results in a number of frozen embryos. Once the intended recipient has successfully completed their family, the patient(s) may choose to donate their embryos to another couple. This donation allows other potential parents the opportunity to utilize these embryos…

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sperm donation

Sperm Donation

Sperm donation is another resource for use by couples unable to conceive due to male infertility, whether it be for couples in whom there is a significant male factor, single women, and same sex female couples. Sperm donation can be done anonymously or with a known donor. As with Egg Donation, there are many choices available based on any number of criteria that the patient(s) selects. Team RMI can help guide you to and through the resources that best serve your needs and that of your growing family…

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Surrogacy literally means substitute. In reproductive medicine, surrogacy denotes an arrangement in which a woman agrees to undergo a full-term pregnancy – pregnancy, labor, and delivery – because another couple cannot or choose not to conceive traditionally. At Reproductive Medicine Institute (RMI), we have helped many patients through the potentially complicated surrogacy processes at our multiple centers, serving Chicago, Illinois…

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