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Many people encounter difficulties when trying to start a family and may need medical assistance to help them achieve this dream. Reproductive Medicine Institute is here to provide a variety of treatments designed to help you conceive a child. Sperm donation is a popular option for couples experiencing male infertility, single women wanting to conceive, and same-sex female couples who wish to start a family. Our team can help facilitate this process, from choosing a sperm donor to determining how the donation will be used in your treatment. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation.


What Is Sperm Donation?

Sperm donation is a process used to help a woman conceive a child who may otherwise be unable to do so. Both a viable egg and sperm are required to create a new life, and there are many situations where sperm may not be available. This is true for couples where the male has low sperm count or no sperm, as well as for single women and same-sex female couples. Regardless of the situation, sperm donation provides these individuals with a sperm sample so they can use it to try to have a baby of their own. The donor sperm can be used in a few different treatment options to help conceive a child.

The Sperm Donation Process

If you’re interested in using donor sperm to help start your family, you may have a few questions about the donation process and how it works. It’s a pretty straightforward process. RMI works only with reputable sperm banks to help our patients achieve satisfactory results. If you choose to use an anonymous donation from a sperm bank, the process follows these steps:

Donation & Evaluation

The donor goes to a sperm bank to make his donation. At this time, the donor is evaluated according to rules set by the FDA. These rules state that the sample must be screened for evidence of or risk factors for communicable diseases. The sperm donation is then frozen to await reevaluation.


After waiting at least six months, the donation is once again evaluated according to the FDA rules. As long as all requirements are met, the donation can be cleared for use.

Released for Use

Once the donation has passed both evaluations, the sperm can be released for use by a couple or individual. When released, it will become part of the sperm bank registry and will be included with other eligible profiles for review by patients looking for donor sperm.

Chosen by a Couple or Individual

Many sperm banks utilize websites that house all donor profiles in one location. This allows individuals and couples who are looking for sperm to browse all options before making a decision. Once added to the website or donor registry, the donation can be chosen by any individual or couple, who will use it to attempt to conceive a baby.

How to Choose a Donor

After you decide that sperm donation is the right choice to help you start a family, you then have to start the process of picking a donor. As mentioned above, you can choose to use a sperm bank and receive an anonymous donation from one of the thousands of profiles. Another option is to choose a known donor. Some couples will ask family members or friends to donate because they feel more comfortable knowing the donor rather than picking an anonymous option. When choosing a donor, it can be helpful to first make a list of the attributes that are most important to you. Then, use this list to guide you as you review anonymous profiles or as you think about people in your life who could be potential donors.

How Donor Sperm Is Used

Donor sperm can be used in a few different treatments. For women with plenty of healthy eggs and good fertility, the simplest way to use donor sperm is through intrauterine insemination (IUI). In this process, the donor sperm is placed in the uterus using a catheter while the woman is ovulating with the intent of fertilizing the egg she releases. Donor sperm can also be utilized in cycles where the ovaries are stimulated, such as Clomid or injectable cycles. We may also utilize donor sperm during an IVF cycle, where an egg is first retrieved from the woman and then fertilized in a lab with donor sperm before being implanted back into the uterus.

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At RMI, our goal is to help both couples and single women grow their families. If you’ve been struggling with infertility or need help conceiving, we are here to assist you in the process. We offer many fertility treatment options and will help you determine which option will best meet your unique needs. Please reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.

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