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Dear patients and families, friends, and colleagues,

We know these last few months have been difficult. Your team at The Reproductive Medicine Institute has been keeping your safety, as well as the safety of your loved ones, at the top of our agenda. We have policies and procedures in place that allowed us to restart testing & treatment so that you can continue on your fertility journey, and we can continue to keep our community safe.

Now that we are officially re-open, we are seeing existing/new patients without delay and performing all procedures including IVF, here are just a few of the precautions we are taking:

  • Continued telehealth consults with your care team.
  • Minimization of office visits to only those needed for diagnostic testing, treatment monitoring, and in-office procedures.
  • Continued phone pre-screening of all in-person appointments for Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Prior to office entry, patients will also have their temperature and pulse oximetry taken.
  • Mandatory mask wearing for all patients (please bring a simple face mask to your visit); all staff will wear personal protective equipment as well.
  • Scheduled sanitation of high traffic areas and surfaces.​

We are continually exploring how best to serve you and our community and will be making changes to policies and procedures as necessary.

We remain committed to you and to your journey!

Wishing you well,

Team RMI

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