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Upon your first visit to Reproductive Medicine Institute, you can expect a detailed, comprehensive consultation with a physician. This usually includes a review of any previous medical records, a thorough medical and reproductive history, including previous attempts at family building as well as prior treatments, a discussion of possible diagnoses and treatment options. The physician may also suggest several diagnostic tests which will help him or her further understand the underlying etiology for your infertility.

We encourage you to bring your spouse or partner to your initial visit, but this is not required. You will have time to ask questions or express concerns with the physician and meet with the rest of your team. Our administrative staff will also be available at this time to help you with financial and other practical non-clinical questions.

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What to Review

Prior to your first visit, please review the following policies provided by RMI:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Patient Responsibility Form
  • Patient Accounts and Insurance Policy

What to Complete

Upon making your first appointment, you will be given information on how to set up your eIVF patient portal. This patient portal will allow for you to have direct access to your team and keep track of test and results and treatment plans.

After accessing and setting up your profile, we ask that you complete the following forms and questionnaires. These questionnaires will help direct your physician and streamline your first visit.

  • New Patient Questionnaires (Female)
  • New Patient Questionnaires (Male)
  • OBGYN Physician Information
  • Patient Accounts and Insurance Policy
  • Authorization for the release of Medical Records
  • Sexually Intimate Partners Statement
  • Acknowledgment of Genetic Screening options

What to Bring

Before your appointment date, we will send you an information packet. We ask that you bring (or send ahead of time):

  • The patient and partner questionnaires, which can be accessed through your eIVF portal.
  • Medical records from other health care providers that may be relevant to your visit with us.
  • Current insurance card or cards.
  • Referral forms that your insurance carrier may require.
  • A signed copy of the Patient Responsibility Form that was also included in the packet from RMI.

Have more questions? Speak with an RMI team member.

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