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Fertility Experts at Reproductive Medicine Institute

Are you ready to talk to one of our fertility experts about individualized care?

Blogs on IVF & IUI Fertility

INVOCELL: The cost-conscious “Mini-IVF” treatment
WHAT IS INVOCELL? In an effort to expand our fertility options and to help improve access to care for patients, Reproductive[...]
What Ails You? Why a Diagnosis Makes a Difference for Infertility Patients
Diagnosing via the Internet? Not the best use for the information highway.It’s not to say that a patient’s fine research[...]
The Birds and the Bees: Nature’s way of getting pregnant
What does it mean to be infertile? The definition of infertility is very difficult since it is the absence of[...]
Team RMI and Oprah celebrate the Birth of a very special child…
Dr. Carolyn Coulam is one of the world’s most renown experts in the area of Reproductive Immunology including Recurrent Pregnancy[...]
To Your Health…W. Paul Dmowski, M.D., Ph.D. discusses Hormone Replacement Therapy
ASSESSING YOUR RISKS It is well accepted that diabetics need insulin therapy (hormone) and that thyroid hormones are needed when[...]
PCOS – Getting you down?
For some time, Reproductive endocrinologists believe that PCOS is associated with psychology problems. This general opinion was affirmed in the[...]
Male Infertility -What You Should Know
At Reproductive Medicine Institute (RMI), we strive to offer our referring community and our shared patients the most current information[...]
Coping with Infertility During Mother’s Day
Coping with Infertility During Mother’s DayShweta Nayak, M.D.The path to build a family can sometimes be a tortuous one –[...]
Preimplantation Embryo Genetic Testing
At Reproductive Medicine Institute, we strive to offer our referring community and our shared patients the most current information on[...]
Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
At Reproductive Medicine Institute (RMI), we strive to offer our referring community and our shared patients the most current information[...]
What Happens After A Retrieval? – Laboratory Perspective
At Reproductive Medicine Institute (RMI), we strive to offer our referring community and our shared patients the most current information[...]
How to Beat Holiday Stress While TTC
Sadness, not joy.  Anxiety, not peace.  Feeling alone, not together.  The infertility journey can turn the holiday season – and[...]
Single Embryo Transfers
At Reproductive Medicine Institute, we strive to offer our referring community and our shared patients the most current information on[...]
Letter From a Patient
At Reproductive Medicine Institute (RMI) we encourage patients to share their stories.  The path to parenthood isn’t always linear, it[...]
Believe It or Not! Alcohol, Coffee and Infertility
Dr. John Rinehart discuses the affects of coffee and alcohol on infertility.​In my practice, I observe many people looking to[...]
When IVF Just Isn’t Enough
Advances surrounding infertility treatment have made it possible for many people to achieve pregnancy or remain pregnant. But what happens[...]
​Shweta Nayak MD, Reproductive Medicine Institute Dr. Nayak will be hosting ‘Beating your Biological Clock – what you need to[...]
Marijuana and Male Fertility – What You Need To Know
It is very likely that Illinois will soon be the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana or cannabis but what[...]
Hope For Our Heroes
Reproductive Medicine Institute (RMI) is proud to support all members of our Military, whether active duty, reserve, or veterans. For[...]
Surviving Mother’s Day
For many, Mother’s Day across Chicagoland will be a day of family and friends, hope and happiness. For those desperately[...]
Monday May 6th is National Nurses Day and kicks off National Nurses Week ending on May 12th, Florence Nightingale's birthday.[...]
At Reproductive Medicine Institute (RMI) we’re highlighting National Infertility Awareness Week 2019, raising awareness through our patients and their stories of determination[...]
At Reproductive Medicine Institute (RMI) we’re highlighting National Infertility Awareness Week 2019, raising awareness through our patients and their stories of determination[...]
At Reproductive Medicine Institute (RMI) we’re highlighting National Infertility Awareness Week 2019, raising awareness through our patients and their stories[...]
John S. Rinehart MD, PhD, JD, Founding Partner/Reproductive Medicine Institute Infertility is a symptom and not a specific disease. There are[...]
#Infertilityuncovered is the theme for National Infertility Awareness Week, April 21-27, 2019.  And what exactly are we uncovering about Infertility?  Facts[...]
“The Internet has provided patients with an immediate feedback loop, or at least the perception of one,” says Elena Trukhacheva[...]
Soldiering on for Infertility Care
“This is a multifactorial issue,” says Nasir Rana MD, MPH, a Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility specialist (REI) with Reproductive Medicine[...]
‘Tis the season to maximize your health insurance!
A Fertility Assessment before the holidays? An IUI?  These options can become more convenient utilizing your savings as well as,[...]
Fertility proofing your Holidays
Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa all seem to focus on extended family, talk of Santa, the latest children’s toys, and[...]
“We are grateful that Governor Rauner (R-Illinois) and the State of Illinois passed a law (August 2018) providing healthcare insurance[...]
The Truth is in the Thyroid
What does the thyroid do and how does it work? A major player in the endocrine system is the thyroid.[...]
The Who, What, Where and When of Insuring your Infertility Treatment
“There are as many insurers that cover Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatments as there are treatments themselves,” says John S. [...]
A Higher Standard of Care
The struggle to conceive a child is one that affects 1 in 8.  The field of REI has experienced technological[...]
Ready for Prime Time?
Oogonia are a type of stem cell. Stem cells are cells in the body that can make new cells. All[...]
State of Illinois to pay for Egg Freezing in the face of Disease
On Monday August 27th 2018, Illinois passed a law providing healthcare insurance to cover the cost of fertility preservation for[...]
ALMOST PREGNANT? The Fallacy of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
John S. Rinehart, MD, PhD and a Partner with Reproductive Medicine Institute ( with offices throughout the Chicago area, differs[...]
SEEING ISN’T BELIEVING The issue arises because of the wide access people have to information, given today’s internet community. Two[...]
The ‘little’ details in making ‘littles’
(1) Smoking : Smoking has negative consequences, even prior to pregnancy. Before pregnancy, smokers, whether women or men, have a[...]
Judging a book by its cover? Selecting embryos for IVF
HOW DO WE KNOW? One criteria used to predict which embryo will be successful is the appearance of the embryo[...]
#tbt – The word Mom is pure Joy!
Bill, Susan and Andrew Dubin - Then      At first, things seemed to go according to plan.  Pregnant the first time[...]
Balancing the Scales:Meeting or Beating the Age Barrier of Infertility
Elena Trukhacheva MD, MSCI, President and Medical Director of Reproductive Medicine Institute with locations throughout Chicago and the suburbs, knows[...]
If at first you don’t succeed, try again!
The researchers followed over 56,000 women who completed eight IVF cycles of treatment during 2009-2012, and followed them until 2014,[...]
Getting Surrogacy Straight
The truth of the matter is that women who choose to use a surrogate, such as Kim Kardashian, do so[...]
This year’s NIAW theme invites us all to “Listen Up!” What are we listening to? To start with, health care[...]
ART and Technology
"For some couples, this exciting new technology may be a welcome alternative to testing in the clinic, which for some,[...]
Are you Stat Savvy when it comes to Infertility?
The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) is an organization devoted to helping infertility patients clarify and navigate the numbers. [...]
Take Two!
Secondary Infertility  Secondary infertility is defined as the condition where a woman is unable to get pregnant or carry a[...]
 CONTRADICTIONS IN CONCEIVING? Obesity can impair reproduction in both women and men, leading to infertility in couples trying to conceive,[...]
Calling Dr. Google: A Cyst by any other name…
For infertility patients, there are usually only a few cysts that need defining. First, as an egg develops over the[...]
A Loss like no Other
While most miscarriages are sporadic and not repetitive, there is a subset of couples that suffer recurrent miscarriage.  In the[...]
Is Egg Freezing the Answer?
"Egg Freezing is one of the most innovative technologies available to our patients," says Elena Trukhacheva, President and Medical Director[...]
Oh, THOSE numbers!
And while ‘more mature’ Moms to be can see this as the green light for delaying childbirth or forgoing concern[...]
Not As Easy as A, B, C
An Extra Boost? Antioxidants are by far the most studied supplement in reproductive medicine.  Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are a[...]
Citizens of the World! IVF and Infertility in a Global Community
Why choose ‘Team RMI’? •    Six Physicians, each with dual board certification in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility and Obstetrics and[...]
A Screening with Meaning – Measuring reproductive potential, by Shweta Nayak MD
While this may become an option in the future, it is important that, as with all screening tests, the results[...]
Reproductive Medicine Institute Featured in The Chicago Tribune (registration required)
Worth the Wait?
As much as things change… Studies of primordial egg counts on histologic specimens of humans have shown not only does[...]
Beyond the Moment
Chlamydia, as well as Gonorrhea, two of the most common STD’s, can cause Tubal Disease in women.  In turn, Tubal[...]
How To Choose Your Baby’s Gender
Gender selection is a tool in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) that has gained popularity over the years.While many think of it[...]
A Couple’s Journey Through IVF for Mila
This Chicago couple documented their IVF procedure and shared their journey to their baby, Mila Grace, with us. 
We’ve come a long way Baby(ies)!
With the development of purified injectable gonadotropins, better ultrasound techniques, and optimization of the IVF laboratories, pregnancy rates after IVF[...]
Under the Microscope…
Enter the latest technology for use in the embryology laboratory:  embryo imaging systems.  Currently there are three different systems in[...]
Growing Pains – Facts on (Uterine) Fibroids, their treatment and effect on Fertility
a)  Sub-serosal fibroids b)  Intra-mural fibroids c ) Sub-mucousal fibroids d) Intra-uterine fibroids e, f) Pedunculated fibroids     IN[...]
Can you Hear me Now?
Helping each patient achieve a successful pregnancy is paramount to us.  However, knowing that we hear you: your needs, concerns[...]
Lisa Rinehart discusses couple fighting over frozen embryos
Health attorney Lisa Rinehart discusses what could happen with a case over frozen embryos.
Dr. Elena Trukhacheva Speaks on Infertility in African American Women
5 signs that your “biological clock” might be ticking faster than you think
Author: Dr. Elena Trukhacheva, President and Medical Director of RMI  How Do I Know If My Ovarian Reserves Are Depleting? [...]
AN INCONCEIVABLE CHOICE Insurance coverage for infertility varies across different states. Illinois, however, is one of the mandated states, meaning[...]
PCOS, Clomid and Letrozole…oh my!
Traditionally, Clomid have been used to induce ovulation for women with PCOS. Clomid was discovered decades ago and is considered[...]
The importance of this criterion cannot be overstated, because a leading cause of infertility in women 38 and over is[...]
Testosterone is a male hormone which is found in humans and also in other animals.  It directly works through what[...]
HOW OLD IS TOO OLD? The suggestion made is based upon the condition as it applies to “middle-age women”.  Does[...]
Tales from the Fertility Frontlines – Egg Freezing
Freezing my eggs  was not an easy decision because, as a single parent, life isn’t easy and money doesn’t grow[...]
You Never Know…
Fast forward.  You have found the resources, buckle up, and are ready to take off. It should be easy enough-inject[...]
Diagnosing & Treating Invitro Fertilization (IVF) Failure
Sometimes, there will be clear-cut reason but often there is no answer. The recommendation will be to try another cycle[...]
The Second Time Around – Secondary Infertility in Chicago
Infertility is often associated with emotional and physical stress including, anxiety, depression, weight gain or weight loss, and may lead[...]
Gay couple comes to U.S. for surrogate-born baby
Gay couple comes to U.S. for surrogate-born baby:
THAT WAS THEN THIS IS NOW…WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DECADE MAKES IN IVFWhen IVF started, cryobiology did not afford the[...]
Yes Sir, That’s my Baby!
 WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT GESTATIONAL SURROGACY Monetary remuneration may or may not be always associated with this process. A Gestational[...]
Can You Increase The Chances Of A Successful IVF Cycle? Many practices that surround Modern Medicine, and more specifically, the[...]
VON HIPPEL-LANDAU DISEASE Von Hippel-Landau disease is a rare, autosomal dominant genetic condition that predisposes individuals to benign and malignant[...]
An Inconvenient Truth – Testing for ovarian reserve in Chicago
The Eggs have it When it comes to Infertility, determining ovarian reserve is crucial in creating a treatment plan.  Ovarian[...]
Single man’s unconventional path to fatherhood
Single man's unconventional path to fatherhood:
COMING OF AGE in Chicago
Admittedly, I have a deep bias because of what I do for a living…if you have a hammer everything appears[...]
FERTILE FACTS The study consisted of 120 women, who were 36 and 37 years of age, and revealed that for[...]
Passing on Good Health
“Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is an outstanding way to help families eradicate genetic diseases and/or the genetic component of a[...]
“Endometriosis is a chronic disease with its etiology, at best, poorly understood,” says Nasir Rana, MD, MPH and co-founder of[...]
BRAVE NEW WORLD – The Jolie Effect
A CALCULATED RISK The reality is that few women or men have BRCA 1/2 mutations.  The actual frequency of BRCA[...]
Egg Freezing: Written in the Stars?
What has changed to make the option of egg freezing more reasonable? The primary reason why this has become a[...]
Lesbian couple find joy, frustration on path to parenthood
Lesbian couple find joy, frustration on path to parenthood:
Reproductive Medicine Institute’s International Infertility Treatment Team
“It is a privilege and an honor to treat our international patients,” says Russian-born and raised Elena Trukhacheva, MD, MSCI,[...]
Healthbeat Report: Freezing for the Future
Healthbeat Report: Freezing for the Future:
Infertility Treatment allows couple to bypass Huntington’s Disease
Once human embryos are created, embryo biopsy can be performed and one or several cells from the embryo can be[...]
Weigh the Facts John S. Rinehart, MD, PhD, JD and President of Reproductive Medicine Institute in Chicago ( cautions the[...]
A Not so Simple Plan
All in the Numbers? Frequently, couples who do not conceive want to know when they should be concerned and what[...]
Yes Sir, That’s my Baby! The Gestational Surrogacy Option and Opportunity
Surrogacy by the numbers The actual number of children born through surrogacy is not accurately known. Both the Society for[...]
A Matter of Faith
“Be fruitful and multiply” Genesis 1:19 Let’s start at the beginning, the Genesis.  The term “Jew’ comes from the tribe[...]
Fertility by Numbers…The odds have it!
It’s all in the Details…And it’s all details! The recently published article by Luke et al in the New England[...]
UNDER THE MICROSCOPE: What goes into creating the lab that creates your embryos ?
The Right Stuff First and foremost, an IVF laboratory works because of its people.  They are the most critical and[...]
IVF…The Reality on Risk
Keeping it Current Consistent with this goal of constant monitoring, a study was published by The New England Journal of[...]
Hormone Replacement Therapy – Our Expert’s view
Hormone Replacement Therapy – Safe and Beneficial Over the past two decades, unclear and often misunderstood differences in the effects,[...]
March is Endometriosis Awareness Month!
The Endometriosis Institute is affiliated with Reproductive Medicine Institute, one of the leading centers in the Midwest in the management[...]
The Fertility Waiting Game…How long is too long?
Infertility is a word that is frequently used. However, the meaning of the word is like a chameleon in that[...]
Over-the Counter Therapies for Male-Factor Infertility
Is there a medical basis for some of these therapies? Yes, the oxygen paradox! The oxygen paradox revolves around the[...]
EMBRYOS ON ICE – How freezing can help avoid the ethical dilemma of fetal reduction.
The use of fertility promoting medications has increased the occurrence of twins, triplets, etc. because they work by causing the[...]
The Women most likely to…
Diminishing Returns It is known that women produce all of their oocytes (eggs) in utero, with the process being complete[...]
Nurse advances career to COO of fertility center
Nurse advances career to COO of fertility center:
A Mother’s Extraordinary Love
A Mother's Extraordinary Love:
Woman, 61, gives birth to own grandchild
Woman, 61, gives birth to own grandchild:
Inside Infertility
Inside Infertility: