RMI & Patient Responsibilities

To Our Patients

The statement that follows is a formal expression of our commitment to you and the responsibilities we share in our patient/RMI staff relationship.


We have made a commitment to you as a patient to provide the best possible experience at RMI. We are responsible for providing respectful, professional, considerate interactions with our patients, and look forward to the same consideration from you when communicating with RMI physicians and staff.

Daily Communication:
  • Please understand that RMI works with numerous patients and staff may need to prioritize emergency or urgent situations.
  • Staff are extremely busy interacting with patients and physicians during office hours and will return phone calls, emails, and may post information on the patient portal after the clinic closes or by the next business day.
  • All phone calls, emails and portal communications will be handled as promptly as possible. Please be patient.
  • Be an active member of your health care team and follow the treatment plan that you and your provider agreed upon. If you have questions, please ask your physician or nurse.
  • Notify RMI immediately when your contact/personal information and/or if your insurance carrier changes.
  • Pay balance in a timely manner per RMI policy.
  • Please contact your insurance to ensure that you have all necessary information before making any treatment decisions. We will bill your insurance carrier as a courtesy to you, and your contract with your insurance carrier determines the amount that you will ultimately pay out of pocket.
  • Ask questions and voice your concerns to ensure the best possible patient experience.

While we try to accommodate every patient’s needs during each business day, we may fall short. If we do, please contact Clinic Manager Annie Miller or Director Laura Wright at 630-954-0054 and we will promptly assist you and address your concerns.

Please don’t leave anything in your treatment plan to the last minute so that immediate communication becomes urgent. Review your treatment plan to anticipate important dates for office visits, medication starts/stops and testing.

2020 was a difficult year, and the COVID 19 pandemic has changed many of the ways that we now communicate. It is important to remember that we all thrive in an environment that is calm, respectful, courteous, and kind.

Thank you for choosing RMI!

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