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Many women encounter challenges when trying to conceive a baby. If you are currently having trouble conceiving, it’s important to know you are not alone. Even with today’s advancements in infertility treatments, you may still be unable to get pregnant on your own. However, there is another option that still allows you to carry and deliver a baby. This option is egg donation, where you receive a donated egg from another woman. Reproductive Medicine Institute is here to help facilitate egg donation in The Chicagoland area. Our goal is always to help women achieve their dream of motherhood, and we’ll do everything we can to make it a reality. Please reach out to us to schedule a consultation.


What Is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a process in which one woman donates an egg to another woman to help her conceive a child. Most often, the woman receiving the egg needs a donor because she either does not have enough eggs or her eggs are of low quality. In the simplest of terms, the donor egg is extracted from the donor, fertilized, and implanted into the future mother’s uterus. Our doctors can explain this process further to help you better understand and know what to expect.

How the Donor Egg Process Works

Though the egg donor process may seem somewhat complicated, it’s a pretty straightforward procedure, for both the donor and the recipient. This process can help you have a baby without having to rely on your eggs. Our team has used donor eggs to help numerous women conceive a child who may never have been able to with their eggs, either due to the quality or quantity of their natural eggs. The egg donor process is completed in the following steps:

Preparation for Retrieval

The egg donor starts the process by receiving hormone injections, similar to the beginning stages of an IVF treatment. The hormones induce the ovulation of multiple eggs, rather than the usual one. These eggs are then allowed to mature until they are ready for retrieval.

Retrieval of Egg

Once the eggs are mature, it’s time for the doctor to retrieve them. For the retrieval process, the egg donor will be put under sedation and the doctor will use an ultrasound-guided needle to retrieve each mature egg. Multiple eggs are retrieved as this ensures a higher chance of success in case some eggs are not viable or something else goes wrong.


The mature eggs are then fertilized with the recipient’s partner’s sperm or with the chosen donor sperm. This process is done in the lab and creates an embryo that is ready for implantation.


Once fertilization is complete, the embryo is transferred to the recipient’s uterus during an in-office procedure. The embryo will then grow and develop into a child throughout the pregnancy. If everything goes as planned, the recipient will have a successful pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby.

How Do I Find an Egg Donor?

If you believe the egg donor process is the right choice to help you conceive a child, you have two options to find a potential egg donor. The first option is to find an anonymous donor through an egg donation agency. Our team can help to facilitate this process. You’ll be able to review donor profiles online to help you gather information before making a selection. The second option is to receive a donor egg or embryo from someone you know. You may choose to ask a friend or family member. If you choose to go this route, we will review the medical history of the donor and complete a physical examination before beginning the process. This will help to ensure the chosen donor is in the proper condition to donate eggs.


Reproductive Medicine Institute is proud to partner with FairFax Egg Bank to provide intended parents with the best donor egg IVF experience. Visit FairFax Egg Bank to learn more.

Why Choose Reproductive Medicine Institute?

Choosing a doctor to help you with your fertility journey is an important decision. You want to be sure you’re selecting a doctor with experience and expertise to help ensure the success of the treatment. We have a team of fertility specialists with years of experience and the appropriate knowledge on all the latest technology and techniques used to create successful pregnancies. Our team has built one of the largest and most successful fertility centers in the Midwest, providing treatment for patients from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and from throughout the country. We’re the center to choose for all your fertility concerns.

What Is the Role of the Egg Donor?

When first told about the option of using an egg donor for conception, you may be wondering about the role the donor will play after the child is born. This is a common question that many patients have, and it’s an important one to ask. The role of the egg donor is very limited. The only purpose of the donor is to supply the eggs. After the eggs are retrieved and the fertilization and implantation begin, the donor’s involvement in the process ends. The donor will not be involved in the rest of the process or the life of the baby following his or her birth.

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Everyone should have the opportunity to fulfill their dream of having a family. The team at RMI is here to help you through any struggles you may be having with fertility. If you are interested in learning more about our egg donor process or our other treatments, please reach out to us. We can schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns and tell you more about your options. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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