The holiday season is a very special time of the year, and for many patients undergoing fertility treatments, a difficult one. Spending time with extended family, attending child-focused events, and running into old friends can lead to uncomfortable conversations and some unpleasant emotions. Dr. Victoria Snegovskikh offers some advice to help navigate this holiday season!

Being prepared for holiday parties is the key. Determine up front how much information you are willing to share and what is off limits. Be on the same page with your partner and have some answers ready without revealing any information that you or your significant other wouldn’t want to disclose. You might want to keep the information you give to a minimum and don’t go into too many details. Simply say “We are seeing a doctor at RMI and will keep you posted once we have some news to share”.


Feel free to correct your friends and family when they say things like, “You’re working on it too hard, just relax and you will be pregnant!” This phrase is totally inaccurate and suggests that you are at fault. It is important for your friends and family to understand that such statements and incorrect and are potentially hurtful. And if you are prepared for those conversations, you are less likely to say something you may regret later.

Think about what you hope to get from the holidays, so the season is memorable and fulfilling for you. Go with your instincts and if a big party with Santa is too much right now, do something as a couple, start a new tradition that you will remember for the rest of your life. Stay focused on yourself and each other and enjoy the holidays your way!