At Reproductive Medicine Institute, every patient who visits us is just as unique and special as the team of doctors, nurses, embryologists, and staff caring for them.

With five offices across Chicagoland including Oak Brook where our IVF lab is based, we offer hopeful patients multiple convenient locations and compassionate people like Terry Ryan RN, BSN, RNFA, IVF Manager at Reproductive Medicine Institute. We’ve worked alongside Terry for a long time and wanted to find more about what makes her “tick” and one of the best in IVF.

Q: So, Terry…how did you get into the field of reproductive medicine?

A: I’ve been on the clinical side of healthcare for many years, it’s a passion I have for helping people. I was working in the recovery room in an outpatient surgical center when I was recruited to work for RMI. I was curious and had no previous exposure to the field of reproductive medicine, it’s been a great career and place to work. The ability to help all kinds of patients on their fertility journey is extremely rewarding and I get to do it every day.

In just the last 10-years, the field has seen many clinical and scientific advancements that have made the process more successful. Procedures like blastocyst biopsy, PGT-A, single embryo transfer, and frozen embryo transfer have been game changers and our lab team has kept up with these advancements.

Q: What sets RMI apart from other fertility centers?

A: RMI has a smaller family feel. The staff at RMI provide a professional, caring, and warm environment. We have fun on the job and try and make it a place we would want as a patient. A patient can feel unique and well cared for during the process as opposed to a number in a factory – we hear about that from patients. And when we don’t get it right, we are small enough to learn from our mistakes and make things better, quickly.

Q: What is your favorite book or movie?

I developed a habit of binge-watching shows during the pandemic. I became a Netflix/Apple TV binger I must admit. I enjoyed The Crown, Morning Show, and The Queens Gambit. Claire Foy and Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth in the Crown are really great!

Q: What was your first concert?

Wow, let me think about that. I’d have to say The Rolling Stones at Alpine Valley maybe around 1978. That was a good time. We had lawn seats that turned into a mudslide. Oh, wait now, maybe it was Soldier Field. Kinda hazy. Next question, please…

 Q: What’s for dinner tonight?

After the long days in the RMI lab, it’s hard to go home and cook. We love all kinds of food including Mexican, Greek, Italian, and I love a good hamburger too!

Q: Cubs or White Sox?

Cubs. Next question…

Q: If you could pick one place on your bucket list to travel, where would it be?

I’d love to see Greece – the history, beaches, and food! Also, would love to see London and Paris maybe travel by the Chunnel Tunnel. But closer to home, a train trip across to Vancouver, Canada would be really neat.

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