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Understanding Your Fertility Chicago

Understanding your fertility, with the assistance of our Chicago, Illinois fertility experts, is an essential part of your treatment plan.

Infertility is caused by female factors in about 50 percent of couples experiencing fertility difficulties, male factors in about 40 percent, and a combination of male and female factors in about 10 percent.

In women, aberrations with ovulation, embryo implantation, as well as anomalies in tubal and uterine anatomy, through pelvic processes such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, uterine fibroids and pelvic adhesions, can contribute to infertility. 

In men, abnormalities in low ejaculate volume (oligospermia), decreased sperm motility (asthenospermia), lack of sperm production (azoospermia), or the production of abnormal sperm (teratospermia) can contribute to infertility.  Causes of male factors can be hormonal or anatomic. 

For both men and women, lifestyle factors, such as obesity, smoking, and alcohol as well as a history of chronic medical diseases, may also impair fertility.

At Reproductive Medicine Institute, we aim to determine the mechanism or mechanisms of infertility to ensure the most appropriate treatment is selected for each couple. During our personal consultations, we educate our patients, giving them a better understanding of fertility at our Chicago-area fertility centers.

When to Seek Medical Help

Having a better understanding of your fertility is the key first step in starting your journey towards building a family.  If a couple has not conceived after one year, it is recommended that an infertility specialist be consulted.  Earlier consultation should be pursued if the female partner is older than 35, if there is a known history of a factor that could lead to infertility (history of an abnormal semen analysis, endometriosis, or fibroids) or if the female partner has irregular or absent menses.  At our fertility centers, our specialists help address both male and female infertility problems to help couples obtain the beautiful gift of a child.

How We Can Help

Our Chicago, Illinois area private medical facilities help patients address a wide range of factors that contribute to infertility.  Following a consultation and complete diagnostic evaluation, our physician team employs the most comprehensive medical and surgical treatments, as well as state of the art assisted reproductive techniques (ART) to help patients fulfill their dreams.  If you would like to speak with our specialists, contact Reproductive Medicine Institute today.

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