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LGBT Reproductive Services

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When non-cisgender or non-heterosexual persons are ready to start a family, Reproductive Medicine Institute (RMI) is ready to help. With more than two decades of experience in fertility services, our expert staff is ready to offer medical advice, emotional support, legal referrals, and access to financial resources. When your LGBT family is ready to begin the journey to fertility, we are ready to help make the process as smooth and uncomplicated as possible.

Learn more about how LGBT individuals can start a family here at RMI, with locations in Chicago and its suburbs.


Where to Begin

The first step RMI takes with LGBT families: getting to know you. During an initial consultation, your physician will meet with you to learn your medical history, perform diagnostic tests (including a fertility assessment), discuss financing options, and more.

​Then, your medical team creates a protocol and treatment plan tailored to your needs. All tests and treatments are performed at RMI’s facility by experienced medical professionals. We understand that starting a family is personal, intimate. Our staff and agency partners use the utmost discretion throughout the process, so you can rest assured your family will be safe and legally protected every step of the way.

Your Family Options

No two families are alike. That’s why RMI offers a wide range of options to facilitate same-sex pregnancies and to support LGBT families through the process. No matter your circumstances or wishes, our knowledgeable and compassionate staff will work with you toward a solution that works for you and your family.

Here are pregnancy options available to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons.

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

One or more eggs are fertilized in a laboratory, then placed in the mother’s body for gestation.

Reciprocal IVF

A suitable lesbian pregnancy option, reciprocal IVC allows each woman to form a biological bond to the child. Eggs from one woman are fertilized via IVF, then placed in the womb of the other.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

One or more eggs are fertilized outside the body by injecting sperm directly into them; if fertilization is successful, the embryo gets transferred into the uterus.

Sperm donation

Sperm is donated to fertilize an egg. Donors can be anonymous, or they can be known to the recipient. Either way, RMI screens each donor to ensure maximum health and safety.

Embryo freezing

Cryopreservation involves “freezing” embryos so they can be thawed and placed later.

Egg donation

Eggs are taken from one woman’s ovaries, then given to another to create a child. Whether your donor is anonymous or someone you know, our staff follows strict FDA guidelines to ensure the eggs are safe and that both the donor and recipient are cared for.


A fertilized egg is transferred into the uterus of another woman who will carry the baby to term for a couple. The surrogate gives birth but has no genetic connection to the baby. RMI can help locate the perfect surrogate and connect you with legal resources to make the process as smooth as possible.


RMI partners with several reputable adoption agencies in the state. Our staff will help connect you with the right agency, legal resources, or whatever resource you need to bring a child home.

Start the Journey to Parenthood With RMI

If you’re still researching your pregnancy or adoption options, don’t worry: RMI will work with you to decide on the best possible option for you at this time. With locations in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, RMI is staffed with LGBT family specialists waiting to help you.

Start the journey to parenthood by contacting us today.

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