Currently, we are contracted providers for several health plans. This means that we have made special reimbursement arrangements with these health plans in order to provide fertility treatments to our patients. If you are a member of a contracted health plan, we will bill your health plan directly for your services. Each health plan requests different information from us as providers, and you as a memberof the plan. In addition, your particular group plan may define your benefits and the information needed very specifically. We must comply with all of the plan’s requests in order to secure your reimbursement.
The following is a current list of the health plans that contract with RMI for IVF financing:
BlueCross/BlueShield HMO-Illinois
BlueCross/BlueShield PPO
BlueCross/BlueShield Blue Advantage
BlueCross/BlueShield Blue Choice
ENH/Humana Staff Model HMO
ENH/gynecological surgery
First Health
* Harken
Preferred Plan PPO
Great West
Unicare PPO
United Health Care
Even if we are not contracted providers with your health plan, or you already know that you have limited or no health benefits, we also offer several financing options, in order to help our patients conceive without going into unmanageable debt. Working with our staff, many patients who are designated “out-of-network” or “self-pay” reach informed, satisfactory payment arrangements with our centers.


Payment for Services

Please remember that, while payment for services at our Institute is your primary responsibility, we consider this a team effort. We ask that you help us help you maximize coverage for fertility treatment by sharing information with us.
Explore and understand your current health plan coverage for fertility treatment. Getting to know your health plan representatives and your specific member benefits lets you make informed choices about treatment and your ability to pay for services.
Check to see whether your health plan requires a referral in order to be treated at our centers. We will be happy to contact primary care providers to assist with this process and any renewals necessary.
Keep us informed of changes in your health plan. Whether you switch plans entirely, exhaust benefits, change primary care providers, or add additional carriers – please let us know. We can help your understand these changes and how they may affect your reimbursement.

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