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Reproductive Medicine Institute understands that fertility treatment requires not only physical and mental commitment, but financial commitment as well. We also recognize that reimbursement for your fertility treatment may take many forms and become a complex process itself. Our staff is committed to helping you understand your financial responsibility and to optimizing your insurance coverage and/or reimbursement options. We proudly offer IVF financing solutions for our Chicago-area patients.

With many IVF financing options available at RMI serving the Chicago area, our team strives to help every patient manage the financial stress of their fertility care. After speaking with your insurance provider, why not give us a call; chances are we can help. Please contact Reproductive Medicine Institute today to schedule a personal consultation to discuss IVF financing.

We know that finance and insurance play a big role in both the access to and the pursuit of care and, we are pleased to accept most major insurances including:


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Employer Benefits

RMI works with several different networks to provide you with the most affordable care during your fertility treatment.

For those who do not have insurance coverage, WIN Fertility can allow for you bundle infertility packages for treatment and medications at an affordable rate. Visit to learn more.

Check with your company to see if they are paired with Progyny for additional infertility coverage. Visit to learn more.

RMI will also work with Lending Club Patient Solutions to provide financing for your treatment. Visit to learn more

EggFund works with vetted financial partners who offer more affordable loans for IVF, egg freezing, adoption, surrogacy. Loans can cover all aspects of the process, including medical treatment, testing, and medication; agency, attorney and storage fees. Visit to learn more.

Self-Pay Programs

RMI is devoted to helping patients achieve pregnancy. If your insurance carrier does not cover your fertility care, please contact RMI today to discuss affordable self-pay options.