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Since 40% of all infertility is due to Male Factor, it is crucial to perform a Semen Analysis.

What to expect: Male partners are given the option to produce a specimen either at one of Team RMI’s clinic locations, or at home (if they are able to bring the specimen to a clinic location within a short period after production). It is generally recommended that the specimen be produced after 2 to 5 days of abstinence; it is best to stay hydrated and to avoid alcohol consumption prior to providing the specimen.

What the test tells you: A semen analysis measures include ejaculate volume, sperm count, motility (movement of sperm), and morphology (shape of sperm). This test can diagnose a variety of Male Factor issues including Azoospermia, which is an absence of sperm; Oligospermia, decreased sperm numbers; Hypospermia, low semen volume; or Teratospermia, which is an increase in the number of morphologically abnormal sperm, any of which can affect or prevent conception.

What if the test is abnormal? If the parameters on the semen analysis are not within normal limits, your provider will discuss with you the next steps in evaluation, which may include blood hormone testing and an evaluation by a urologist, or with specific types of fertility treatment.