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There are many reasons that women may decide to delay starting a family; lifestyle choices, career, no partner, waiting for the “right-time”, or medical diagnoses such as cancer. Unfortunately, the time-line for reproduction in women is limited. Women’s eggs will decline in quantity and quality every year. Female fertility is always in a state of decline but begins a more rapid progression around the age of 28. RMI can help to extend female fertility for a longer period through egg freezing. Egg freezing is the process of taking eggs from the ovary and freezing them for later use. When ready, the eggs can be thawed and used to help prolong reproductive health.

Many women are unsure if egg freezing is right for them, and there are both pros and cons to the procedure. For those who are not ready to start a family at this time or who have undergone medical treatment which could affect the quality or quantity of remaining eggs, egg freezing allows the opportunity to have a genetic child in the future. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the eggs frozen will be viable and it is a costly process. Before deciding to freeze your eggs, it is important to consult with a physician at RMI. Based on your consultation, your RMI doctor can help you determine if egg freezing is the right option for you.