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Surviving Mothers Day

For many, Mother’s Day across Chicagoland will be a day of family and friends, hope, and happiness. For those desperately trying to get pregnant or who can’t stay pregnant, surviving Mother’s Day can be difficult. At Reproductive Medicine Institute (RMI) we understand. According to, nearly 8-million women are struggling with infertility in the US. So just remember you’re not alone and help is available from Oak Brook to Chicago and many places in-between.

“An ultrasound or blood work can’t uncover the anxiety and hopelessness many patients feel around Mother’s Day” offers Elena Trukhacheva, M.D., MSCI, President and Medical Director at RMI. “We’re always looking for the emotional clues that someone might need a little more support. Patients should know they can lean on their care team at any time to talk about how they’re feeling. Fertility care needs to address both the body and the mind especially around the holidays,” added Dr. Trukhacheva.

“Empowered Fertility: A Practical Twelve-Step Guide” written by Claire Hall and Dr. Devora Lieberman outlines a few strategies to help survive holidays like Mother’s Day. Here’s two that we really like:

Get Connected – It’s totally understandable that you feel like you’re alone in this process which often includes lots of phone calls, multiple weekly visits to the office, injections, and a few other hurdles. Unless you’ve done a few IUI’s or an IVF cycle yourself it’s hard for many non-fertility folk to “get it.” Resolve, the National Infertility Association offers a hotline to speak with others who have “been there a done that” when it comes to infertility. Check out 1-866.NOT.ALONE (866.668.2566).

Avoid the Hallmark Store – Sorry Hallmark. Advertisers understand we more often buy with our hearts than our heads. While images of babies might bring joy to some they can be extremely painful to others. If you’re easily upset by what you see then take steps to change the scenery. Use Mother’s Day as a “treat yourself day” (credit to NBC’s sitcom Parks & Rec). Getting out to some of those “tourist only” locations that you save for when you have out-of-town guests like The Art Institute of Chicago can help change your perspective and mood.

Have hope if you’re struggling with infertility this Mother’s Day. Our entire team at RMI is here to help.

With convenient locations in Bloomingdale, Northbrook, Chicago, Oak Brook, Oak Lawn, Evanston, and Elmhurst, our expert team understands that fertility care can be an emotional experience that requires a hands-on, home-grown touch while still having access to global clinical breakthroughs. We welcome your call today at 630-954-0054 or send us a message.

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