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“We are grateful that Governor Rauner (R-Illinois) and the State of Illinois passed a law (August 2018) providing healthcare insurance to cover the cost of egg freezing and/or other fertility preservation methods for women undergoing medical treatment that might make them sterile,” says John S. Rinehart MD, Ph.D. and Founding Partner of Reproductive Medicine Institute with offices throughout Chicagoland.  Thankfully, advances in the treatment of many forms of cancer have permitted many patients with cancer to live longer and often normal lives.  This ‘allows’ women (and men) to consider planning for the future including having a family.”

While Governor Rauner will soon cede his gubernatorial responsibilities, Governor Elect J.B. Pritzker (D-Illinois), has long since held views supporting the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as well as his own plan, IllinoisCares, to provide coverage for all.  As one of only a small group of mandated states for fertility coverage, Illinois has provided resources in the past for those patients going through diagnosis and treatment.  This mandate requires Illinois based companies to provide at least some coverage for their employees. Pritzker’s Healthcare platform and overall views appear promising for patients moving forward.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama also revealed, post-election, her own battle with Infertility, while struggling to conceive with President Barack Obama.  Michelle Obama discussed feeling ‘lost and alone’ after suffering a miscarriage prior to the birth of her children.  Citing feelings so common to women who face miscarriage and/or infertility, Obama reported ‘feeling like a failure’ during the process which necessitated Invitro Fertilization (IVF) to conceive her two daughters, Sasha and Malia.

“With 1 in 6 experiencing infertility, it is no surprise that those from every walk of life are affected,” says Elena Trukhacheva, MD, MSCI, and President/Chief Medical Officer of Reproductive Medicine Institute with offices throughout Chicagoland.  “Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s story helps to shed light on the need for better support.  It is another illustration that ‘You are not alone’.”

Reproductive Medicine Institute is here to help guide you.  Contact Reproductive Medicine Institute to determine the best clinical, emotional, and financial plan for creating your family.

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