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Dr. Nasir Rana

At Reproductive Medicine Institute (RMI) we encourage patients to share their stories.  The path to parenthood isn’t always linear, it can be filled with joy and heartache.  Each person will face different challenges and successes. 

Below is a letter from a patient at RMI who shared their story:

Infertility. What a volatile thing. It started with 4 losses. It ended after 7 procedures/surgeries, 5 egg retrievals, 7 embryo transfers, a total of 8 early losses, and 14 embryos. Our journey to parenthood has been long and hard and filled with more tears, needles, and heartbreak than we’ll ever be able to adequately explain. Our hearts have never known pain like this before. It tests your patience and questions your faith. And, even though we’re on the other side now, the pain is still ever-present. The unfairness of it all and the devastation it brings are most agonizing. I’d question why some who didn’t deserve to be parents would get so many kids and we couldn’t even get one. I always wanted 2 or 3 but God, I’d settle for just one. After each round of IVF, we would go through the typical stages of grief after every failed transfer or loss, but couldn’t quite get to the acceptance stage because we couldn’t accept it. Not yet, at least. I’d find myself begging God to just give us one. If he’d just give us one, I’d never ask for another one.

We started to just feel numb to it all and found ourselves going through the motions. I remember feeling neither scared or excited as we moved forward with our 7th transfer. I just was. I had become a fraction of myself, feeling like infertility had swallowed me whole. People were getting pregnant all around me and well, so was I, but I kept losing them. It wasn’t until I truly gave it to God that things shifted for us. Both God and science helped bring us where we are today, without either one, we wouldn’t be here.

To our family, our bosses and co-workers, our friends and our fertility clinic, thank you. Thank you for being there for us. Thank you for sitting with us in our pain and bringing dinners and your company when days were their darkest. Thank you for giving us space when we needed it and offering your ears when we were ready. Thank you for crying with us. Thank you for celebrating with us when our sunshine finally came after 2+ years of infertility and 16 months of IVF treatment. You had our backs through every retrieval, transfer, and miscarriage. We’ll never be able to properly express our gratitude—especially to our parents who did more for us than we could have ever imagined. Next to ours, their hearts ached the most, we are so aware of that and grateful for the love and support you gave us.

And to Dr. Rana. Our Godsend. Our own personal Angel. We’re forever indebted to you. Thank you for fighting the fight against infertility and IVF. The only thing we can say to our support system and will continue to say is to thank you and this baby wouldn’t be here without all of your love.

So today, we are finally so incredibly, indescribably happy to announce that we have one healthy baby boy due on January 6, 2020.

And to my friends out there fighting, keep fighting for as long as you can. Please don’t let our announcement make you sad. I know that feeling deeply. But look at this as a sign of hope and a sign that miracles do exist. Ask Him again and again. Until he’s tired of your prayers. Ask Him again.

Don’t give up hope, infertility is not easy, but at RMI we want to help. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Rana, contact RMI’s locations in Oak Brook or Elmhurst. To schedule, an appointment at any other of RMI’s convenient Chicagoland locations contacts the offices of Bloomingdale, Chicago, Evanston, Oak Lawn, or Northbrook. You can reach a member of the RMI team at 630-954-0054 or send a message here.

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