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Helping each patient achieve a successful pregnancy is paramount to us.  However, knowing that we hear you: your needs, concerns, and feedback, is also integral to us in providing you with quality care. The clinician/patient relationship is at the cornerstone of infertility care and treatment.  Our relationship with you is the day-to-day one, often filled with test results, treatment plans, and questions.

Reputation Matters

You have come to RMI because you know of our reputation for excellence, experience and expertise.  It goes without saying that our job is to deliver this to you each and every day.  But, those descriptive words must also incorporate the ability to lend you our support, empathy and direction through every step of the process.  Many of our patients come to us feeling as though the ability to conceive, carry and deliver a child is out of their reach. Our patients may come to us frightened, confused, sad and sometimes angry with their circumstances.  This is where the relationship between clinician and patient is so critical, and can make such a monumental difference in the patient experience.

Giving Our All

As clinicians, we must be excellent teachers and listeners, as our patients are knowledgeable and wanting to engage in an active discourse regarding their care.   We must be reliable and supportive.  We must be encouraging and truthful.  We must also be able to help our patients navigate through their own path of infertility diagnosis and treatment.  Finally, we must strive to do this every day, for every test result and every interaction.  Yet, there will be days or situations that we are not able to handle with the exact aplomb that we might like.  In those situations, we must be able to direct our patient toward the appropriate sources, be it their physician or another medical health professional that can help them in managing the numerous issues that may arise.

No one individual can be all things to all people.  But, in the field of Infertility, the clinician must hear you…and listen to what you have to say.  She/he will either meet your needs, or be able to seamlessly direct you to someone who can.  Not because of what you expect, but because of what we expect from ourselves as your health care providers at RMI.

Moya Laskowski, RN, BSN; Director of Nursing/Operations Manager, Reproductive Medicine Institute

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