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Dr. Elena Trukhacheva at Reproductive Medicine Institute
An Inconceivable Choice

Insurance coverage for infertility varies across different states. Illinois, however, is one of the mandated states, meaning that Illinois requires companies (usually those with 50 or more employees) to provide coverage for infertility. If the insurance plan follows the state mandate, diagnostic evaluation, as well as treatment, is covered, frequently including four IVF
retrievals.  This type of coverage can make them less than ideal diagnosis of Infertility a little more palatable, or at least affordable.

Unfortunately, many patients still do not have coverage for treatment. For those who are self-employed and/or work for smaller companies (who are not subject to the mandate), fertility is still an out of pocket expense.   Think you can buy your own coverage?  Not so fast.  Until recently it was not possible to buy an individual insurance plan that will cover treatment of infertility.

Affordable Health Care Act Births New Options

The Affordable Health Care Act will be providing health insurance for millions of Americans, previously unable to secure health insurance due to cost, preexisting conditions etc.  An added bonus of this program is that some plans (in the State of Illinois and/or other mandated states) offered through the Affordable Health Care Act were created based on the typical Illinois insurance, and therefore will include coverage for infertility.

This coverage may vary according to the plan but gives renewed hope, not only to those uninsured but to those underinsured, particularly when it comes to creating the family of their dreams.

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