When IVF Just Isn’t Enough

Advances surrounding infertility treatment have made it possible for many people to achieve pregnancy or remain pregnant. But what happens when these standard treatments aren’t enough? Reproductive Medicine Institute (RMI) is proud to offer various alternative treatment options to help you to achieve your own family.

Egg and Embryo Donation

Egg or embryo donation provides the opportunity to conceive using a donor’s egg or embryo. Donation of the egg or embryo can be beneficial for females with ovarian insufficiency, same-sex male couples, or single men. Prior to selecting a donor, patients have the ability to review donor profiles on agency websites to pursue an anonymous donor or may use donor eggs or embryos from someone that they know.

Sperm Donation

Sperm donation is another resource that can be used. Whether it is due to male infertility, same-sex female couples, or single women, using donor sperm can be a viable option. Sperm donation can be done anonymously or with a known donor. As with Egg Donation, there are many choices available based on any number of criteria that the patient(s) selects.

Gestational Surrogacy


The word “surrogacy” literally means “substitute.” In the area of reproductive medicine, surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman agrees to undergo a full-term pregnancy – pregnancy, labor, and delivery – because another couple cannot safely conceive and carry a pregnancy to term. At Reproductive Medicine Institute (RMI), we have helped many patients through the surrogacy processes. While this option may seem daunting, our experienced and dedicated team has helped many patients to achieve a family using surrogacy.

There is no single way to building a family, and the physicians and medical professionals at the Reproductive Medicine Institute are fully qualified to provide every available option to guide you on your path to parenthood. With seven convenient Chicagoland locations in: Bloomingdale, Northbrook, Chicago, Oak Brook, Oak Lawn, Evanston and Elmhurst, it is important to contact us today to schedule a consultation at 630-403-0074 or send a message here.